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January 2015

2015, Figo

2015 Ford Figo Specs

January 30, 2015

The 2015 model year vehicle arrived in India a few days ago and it is expected to retain the current model’s strengths. The hatchback and sedan versions will showcase Ford’s Kinetic design language while also boasting a list of features that have been explicitly updated. The Figo is, basically, the vehicle that has turned the tides for Ford within emerging markets, most notably, India.

2015 Ford Figo front

2015 Ford Figo Powertrain

2015 Ford Figo hatchback, that is designed expressly for the Indian market will more than likely feature a version of the three cylinder 1.0 liter EcoBoost engine that is non-turbo with additional options that include a four cylinder 1.5 liter option and a TDCI turbo diesel engine option. Insiders believe that the compact sedan within the Figo line will offer the same power train options, although this has yet to be confirmed by the American based automaker. It has been widely speculated that the TDCi option will deliver an output of 89 brake horsepower with a maximum torque of 204Nm. Regardless of the engine option, it is to be mated with a five speed manual transmission.

2015 Ford Figo rear

2015 Ford Figo Specs

Regarding safety, the vehicle features ventilated discs at the front as well as drum rear brakes; and the top variant comes with anti-lock brakes that is accompanied by electronic brake force distribution. The compact hatchback has a respectable turning radius of 4.9 meters as well as power steering as a standard.

The 2015 Ford Figo sedan (which will be sold as a sedan exclusively within Brazil) is believed to replace the Ford Classic sedan and acquire rivals that include the following: the Hyundai Xcent, the Maruti Suzuki Dzire and the Honda Amaze. The hatchback version of the Indian focused vehicle find its competition via the following: the Hyundai Grand i10 and the Maruti Ritz.

2015 Ford Figo interior

Not much else is known about the 2015 Ford Figo hatchback. A few spy pics have been uncovered and there have been a variety of sightings of the vehicle on streets within India; but Ford has not released an abundance of specific information. By the time February is underway, it is speculated that the auto giant will provide consumers with information regarding the interior and exterior of the vehicle. The subcompact is very closely related to the Ford Fiesta with revisions to the front and rear treatments.

2015 Ford Figo Release Date and Price

The vehicle line that is directly bound for India by way of Ford’s plant within Samand, Gujarat and it is expected to have a price range of 5.00 to 7.50 lakh. The Ford Ka+ sedan, that will also be manufactured at this pant and will be exported to Brazil for its market.The border hopping hatchback/sedan is said to enter full production in February 2015 (and production will be handled via Ford India) and be launched into the market for sale by the close of April. The Figo, according to industry insiders, will be based upon the Ford Ka (the sedan version of the vehicle) that was recently unveiled for markets within Brazil. The latest generation of the Ford Figo was revealed early in 2014 at the India Auto Expo.

The 2015 Ford Figo is also a staple upon the markets of the following countries: the Middle East, South Africa, and Mexico.

2015, Fiesta

2015 Ford Fiesta Hatchback Review

January 30, 2015

Offering consumers an entertaining ride, cheap to operate and affordable to purchase vehicle is precisely what Ford has done with its 2015 Ford Fiesta Hatchback. The interior is classier than one would expect from an economy vehicle and it is well complimented by a fully updated infotainment system. With the Fiesta, it appears that the American automaker rewards the budget conscious with luxurious tendencies and a standard that is not stripped of comfort and stylish flair.

2015 Ford Fiesta Hatchback rear

2015 Ford Fiesta Hatchback Engine Options

Although its engine option of the four cylinder 1.6 liter with a maximum ouput capability of 10 horsepower with 112 pound per feet of torque, is not the segment’s most fuel efficient, it is able to deliver an EPA estimated combined 31 mpg. The secondary three cylinder EcoBoost option does offer the vehicle improved acceleration as well as fuel economy. As a standard feature, 2015 Ford Fiesta Hatchback engine options are mated with a five speed manual transmission; but there is the option to pair an engine with a Powershift six speed automated manual transmission. The second option is able to shift gears minus any action from the driver, while being more efficient that a traditional automatic transmission.

2015 Ford Fiesta Hatchback front

2015 Ford Fiesta Hatchback Trim Level

As the four door hatchback version of the 2015 Ford Fiesta Hatchback is available in a variety of trim levels that include: ST, Titanium, SE and S. The base model or S trim level is available to consumers with standard 15 inch steel wheels, a variety of Ford Sync functions, a six speaker stereo, a tilt and telescoping steering wheel, a height adjustable driver’s seat, air conditioning, as well as power mirrors and locks. Whereas the SE trim level includes the above with the addition of the following: 15 inch alloy wheels, multicolor ambient lighting, a leather wrapped steering wheel, a front center console that includes and armrest, interior trim that has been painted with metallic, a trip computer, cloth upholstery that has been upgraded, cruise control, power windows, and keyless entry.

The Appearance package for the SE trim level adds 16 inch alloy wheels, the option of the turbocharged EcoBoost engine, slightly better fuel economy, satellite radio, MyFord Touch with a 6 inch touchscreen, a rear spoiler, fog lights, a shift knob that has been wrapped in leather, automatic climate control and much, much more.

2015 Ford Fiesta Hatchback interior

The 2015 Ford Fiesta Hatchback Titanium is the luxury trim level for the line and includes all of the features of the lesser trim levels with the following: rearview camera, exterior trim that is chrome, a black grille, keyless ignition, a driver’s seat with adjustable lumbar, an auto-dimming rearview mirror, an eight speaker Sony sound system and more.

2015 Ford Fiesta Hatchback Price

The pricing for the 2015 Ford Fiesta Hatchback begins snuggly within the neighborhood of $18,218. Of course the pricing will increase based upon the chosen trim level and addition of options. For the menial cost, consumers are able to obtain a vehicle that has an upscale interior, stable manners on the highway as well as handling that is quite sporty. What more could a consumer in the market for an economy vehicle desire or ask for? The limited cargo spacing can be overlooked due to the low overall costs, but the vehicle overall exceed it price tag and is sure to please the budget obsessed consumer.

2015, F-150

2015 Ford F-150 King Ranch Price

January 30, 2015

Pickup trucks are known as tough, rugged vehicles that are fast and leave dust in the eyes of its passer-by’s. Stereotypically, lovers of pickup trucks are usually not so hung up about what it looks, what matters most is how it performs on the road and how much weight it can carry. Car manufacturer has introduced a pickup truck that speaks luxury and is matched with the expected performance from any pickup truck. This truck that is built to be comfortable and is elegant in every way that it is designed. Buyers who opt for the King Ranch will be able to customize the vehicle according to their preferences; this is a great deal from Ford. The King Ranch comes from a range in the 2015 Ford F-150. The luxury pickup truck is a higher trim option level alongside the Platinium model. Other models found in the 2015 F-150 are XL, XLT and Lariat.

2015 Ford F-150 King Ranch front

2015 Ford F-150 King Ranch Engine Options

The 2015 King Ranch has a standard 5.0 litre V8 engine. This is the same engine that was found in the 2014 King Ranch model. The 5 litre engine produces 360 of hp and 380 lb. – ft. of torque. There is an optional EcoBoost 3.5 litre V6 engine. The Ecoboost engine generates 360 hp and 420 lb. – ft. of torque. The optional engine will have an additional cost of about $400. Engines found in the 2015 Ford F-150 King Ranch are known to be powerful and fuel efficient. Its fuel efficiency is expected to be seen both on road and off road. A six speed automatic transmission will be matched to the engine. There are rumors that a 10 speed gearbox may be optional.

2015 Ford F-150 King Ranch rear

2015 Ford F-150 King Ranch Design

Considering that the 2015 Ford F-150 King Ranch will be set apart from the other models, its exterior and interior features are exceptional and unique to the pickup truck. The front of the King Ranch has a distinct 3 bar grille that has chrome bars that are solid, it is surrounded by chrome and a dark brown color on its grille mesh inserts. The bumper found in front is also dark brown; chrome has been placed in the centre of the bumper. Buyers who opt for the four wheel drive will get 2 hooks that are painted black. The sides have mirror caps and door handles that are painted the same way as the body of the truck, aluminum wheels that are 20 inches; the dark brown color remains a theme throughout the exterior of the heavy duty vehicle. The rear of the 2015 Ford F-150 King Ranch has a tailgate step, an exhaust tip that is chrome, and a dark brown painted bumper.

2015 Ford F-150 King Ranch interior

Some technological features that can be found in the new King Ranch are; an instrument panel that charges the battery of any device, remote tailgate release and many more.

2015 Ford F-150 King Ranch Release Date and Price

All models that are available in the 2015 Ford F-150 were unveiled at the 2014 Detroit Auto Show at the beginning of 2014. It was only later in 2014, around July, that dealerships started taking orders for the pickup truck. The 2015 Ford F-150 King Ranch has a price tag around $49,000. The pickup truck comes with different packages that will, of course, add to the original price.

2015, Falcon

2015 Ford Falcon XR8

January 29, 2015

A lot of car manufactures have discovered the trick to luring in a new market when redesigning or remodeling a previous car model: styling! The style of the car is what gets people talking and creates interest before looking inside or seeing all that is comes with. Ford knocks styling out of the park with the 2015 Ford Falcon. The family sedan is one of Fords most technologically advanced vehicles. Ford has managed to do this on a budget of just $102 million. The Falcon comes with an enhanced appearance and functionality of its Sync infotainment system.

2015 Ford Falcon front

The 2015 Ford Falcon will come with a lot of model options that buyers can choose from. There’ll be 6 models that are sedans and 5 utility models. The sedan models will be the base Falcon model, Falcon XR6, Falcon XR6 Turbo and the higher trim model the Falcon XR8. The utility models are, Falcon Styleside Box, the Falcon XR6. With such a wide range of options to choose from, the models probably have varying features and are priced differently according to the features that they come with. This is one of the best cars that will serve many people in many countries.

2015 Ford Falcon Powertrain

The engines that the 2015 Ford Falcon will have are the same as the ones in the previous model. A V8 engine will be the only addition to the power train. Fuel efficiency is what Ford makes Fords vehicles stand out. The most fuel efficient engine will be the four cylinder 2.0 liter EcoBoost it has 179 kilowatts of power and an output of 353Nm of torque. Other engines include the 6 cylinder 4.0 liter petrol engine with 195 kilowatts and 391Nm of torque, a 4.0 6 cylinder LPG that has 198 kilowatts of power and 409Nm of torque. The last engine is the 6 cylinder 4.0 liter turbocharged that generates 270 kilowatts and 533Nm of torque.

2015 Ford Falcon rear

The Falcon XR8 trims will have a supercharged 5.0 liter engine that is found under the hood of the FPV models. The supercharged engine has an output of 335 kilowatts and 570Nm of torque. An option of 6 speed manual or automatic transmission will on be available in XR models. A six speed automatic transmission will come standard across all the other models.

2015 Ford Falcon Changes in Design

The outside of the 2015 Ford Falcon will have fresh styling on the front. A new grille that is hexagonal, head lights that are laser cut, are changes that the front of the vehicle will have. The rear will also receive a revamp. It will have a fresh design split tail lights, LED lights, alloy wheels that are 16 inches (these will come standard), choice of 16 body colors.

2015 Ford Falcon interior

Changes on the interior are subtle. All 2015 Ford Falcon models will have an 8 inch color screen. Some features found inside the sedan and utility vehicle are; radio that is digital, climate control, a navigation system, etc. The coolest function is the voice activated command function that allows drivers to say a word and the car will adjust accordingly, e.g. saying warmer’ will prompt the air conditioner to alter itself automatically.

2015 Ford Falcon Release Date and Price

The family sedan was released in the last quarter of 2014. It has a price of between $35,000 and $46,000.

2015, Flex

2015 Ford Flex Colors

January 29, 2015

As compared to most other crossover wagons, the Ford Flex tends to follow a different approach. It is able to stand out due to its boxy styling, flat lines and creased sheet metal as it offers more space and comfort than the vast majority of its closest competitors. Although the 2015 Ford Flex has a wheelbase that is 118 inches and is 202 inches long, the crossover wagon is surprisingly easy to maneuver and park within the confines of urban settings.

2015 Ford Flex front

2015 Ford Flex Engine Performanses

The 2015 Ford Flex has a base V-6 3.5 liter engine with a capable maximum output of 287 horsepower. The star of the Flex engine option remains the turbocharged EcoBoost engine that is capable of an output of 365 horsepower and is able to achieve an acceleration of 0 to 60 mph under the mark of 7.0 seconds (to be exact, 6.1 seconds). The star engine option is also able to lighten the footprint of the vehicle while making it much faster than anything else within its class.

2015 Ford Flex Interior and Exterior

Due to the electric power steering system, a steering unit that is locked onto the sub frame, and a quicker ratio the steering of the vehicle will appear more precise as a variety of improvements will address the previously harness of the vehicle’s ride as well as reducing the amount of noise that is permitted within the cabin.

2015 Ford Flex interior

The 2015 Ford Flex is able to offer consumers a variety of features that are assigned to its variant of trim levels and include the following: a glass panoramic sunroof, leather interior, preprogramming for vehicle speed as well as audio volume (this option allows for a virtual or digital leash be put upon younger or nubile drivers), power windows, three rows of seating and much more.

The comprehensive safety package of the vehicle supplies it with the following: a blind spot monitoring system, adaptive cruise control (which includes forward collision alert), rearview camera, anti-lock brakes, stability control and (a total of) six airbags.

2015 Ford Flex rear

The 2015 Ford Flex will be available with a minimal amount of new colors options as heated mirrors that have become a standard on the SE trim level models. The six to seven passenger large crossover station wagon has three available trim levels that are: Limited, SEL and SE. The base level, the SE, equips the vehicle with the following: an auxiliary audio jack, a USB port, a six speaker audio system that includes a CD player, Bluetooth audio and phone connectivity, a basic form of Sync, a 4.2 inch central display screen, an automatically dimming rearview mirror, a 50/50 split third row of seating, a 60/40 split to the second row of seating (for convenience in accessing the third row), a six way power driver’s seat (there is lumbar support along with a recline that is manual).

2015 Ford Flex Release Date and Price

The pricing for the vehicle that has been softened by way of its interior begins within the neighborhood of $28,322. The pricing receives increases as one climbs the rim levels of the line. Industry critics tend to remind consumers that for the cost, the second row bench of the vehicle does not slide and the technological interface can be slightly difficult to use. This model is already on the market.

2015, F-150

2015 Ford F-150 FX2/FX4 Price

January 29, 2015

The 2015 Ford F-150 comes with a few changes from its previous model, the 2014 Ford F-150. The 2014 model had different trim levels, buyers could choose from, for instance, FX2 and FX4. In the 2015 range FX2/FX4 come as extra packages that can be added to any of the available 2015 trims. FX2/FX4 basically refers to the wheel drive option. FX2 refers to a two wheel drive, and FX4 refers to a four wheel drive.

2015 Ford F-150 FX2-FX4 front

2015 Ford F-150 FX2/FX4 Engine Options

There are different engine options that truckers can choose from in the 2015 Ford F-150 FX2/FX4. The first engine found under the hood is a V6 3.5 liter engine. The engine is famous for delivering power that comes from a V8 engine and fuel efficiency from a V6 engine. The engine has an output of 360 hp and 420 pound – feet of torque. The second engine is a 5.0 liter V8; this is the same engine that is found in the 2014 F-150. The 5.0 litre engine has an output of 360 hp and 380 pound – feet of torque. The first engine is standard across all models. Some trim models come with 3.5 liter engines and the new 2.7 liter EcoBoost engine. The new engine is likely to be fuel efficient both on road and off road. The engine will be mated to a 6 speed automatic transmission; a 10 speed gearbox can be expected from the 2015 Ford F-150 FX2/FX4.

2015 Ford F-150 FX2-FX4 rear

2015 Ford F-150 FX2/FX4 Changes in Design

Although the 2015 Ford F-150 FX2/FX4 won’t have many changes to its styling and design, it’ll more than make up for it in off-road performance. The 2015 Ford F-150 model that has the FX2/FX4 package added to it will be defined by the unique logo that’ll be placed on the rear of the bedside. Black trims on the inside and outside of the pickup truck are part of the FX2/FX4 appearance package. The exterior will have black tubular side step bars that are 4 inches, a black fender that is unique to the package, tailgate badging, the sides of the truck and the hood will have dark stripes, 20 inch rims that are black, a black grille and head light bezels. All these exterior features work together to give the new 2015 Ford F-150 FX2/FX4 a sporty look.

The interior of a 2015 Ford F-150 FX2/FX4 will have an exclusive steering wheel; throughout the cabin there will be surfaces that are painted distinctively, a centre console that is easy to use, and distinctive leather seats that represent a sport theme.

2015 Ford F-150 FX2-FX4 front

Since the FX2/FX4 package is built on off-road performance. The pickup truck with the package will have hill descent control, a rear axle that can be locked electronically, shock absorbers that can be tuned off road, as well as underbody skid plates. These features will make the 2015 Ford F-150 FX2/FX4 be able to perform on any terrain, e.g. sandy, snowy, muddy, gravel, stony, etc.

2015 Ford F-150 FX2/FX4 Release Date and Price

The truck, along with all of its trim levels was released later in 2014. The different models that buyers can choose from are; XL, XLT, Lariat, King Ranch and Platinum. The 2015 Ford F-150 FX2/FX4 base model has an approximate starting price of $26,000. A FX2/FX4 package will need an additional $2,400. The pickup truck was released at the 2014 Detroit Auto Show, which happened in January.

2015, Explorer

2015 Ford Explorer Limited

January 28, 2015

The 2015 Ford Explorer is a disappointing make for an SUV. An SUV is popular for having a lot of room on the inside. The new Explorer doesn’t have this. Back seats offer very little room for adult passengers and when the inside is a tight squeeze, comfort flies out the window.

2015 Ford Explorer front

2015 Ford Explorer Specs

Buyers can choose from four trim levels (base, XLT, Limited and the Sport trim). The 2015 Ford Explorer has been designed with a modern interior, advanced technological features and it comes with a fuel efficient engine. This seems to come standard with a lot of remodeled or redesigned Ford models. A package will be sold to upgrade any model that is chosen. Other changes that the SUV will be seen on the standard and optional gear. Each model will have varying features, the amount of features that the vehicle comes with are added the higher you go up the trims.

Standard features that come across all four models include alloy wheels that are 18 inches, head lights that are automatic, roof rails, air conditioning, cruise control, a rear privacy glass, tilt/telescoping steering wheel, a 4.2 inch display screen, an aux audio jack and a six speaker audio system that can play CDs. These are all the things that can be expected on the base model.

2015 Ford Explorer interior

The second trim level, the XLT, has a few upgrades including fog lamps, parking sensors on the rear, sync and Bluetooth connectivity, a steering wheel that is wrapped in leather, a keyless entry code pad, etc. The higher trim levels have a selection of these features but also come with a navigation system, adaptive cruise control, a sunroof, etc.

Packages that can be chosen (at an extra cost of course) have a rearview camera, a steering wheel with heating capabilities, ventilation is possible on the front seats, a navigation system, driver memory settings, etc.

2015 Ford Explorer Engine Options

Three of the four 2015 Ford Explorer models have a V6 3.5 litre engine under the hood. It generates 290 hp and 255 pound feet of torque. The engine comes with a six speed automatic transmission. Front and four wheel drive options are available for selection for buyers. The front wheel drive models will have hill descent control and hill start assist functionality. Fuel ratings for front wheel drive models are 17 miles per gallon in the city and 24 miles per gallon on the highway. A four wheel drive model has about the same rating as the front wheel drive. Seventeen miles per gallon in the city and 23 miles per gallon on the highway.

2015 Ford Explorer rear

2015 Ford Explorer Sport trim has its own V6 3.5 litre turbocharged engine mated to a six speed automatic transmission. The Sport trim can only be found as a four wheel drive. The engine has an output of 365 hp and 350 lb. – ft. of torque. It has a fuel rating of 16 miles per gallon in the city and 22 miles per gallon on the highway.

An optional 2.0 litre turbocharged engine can be selected in models that have front wheel drive. it has 240 powers of horse and 270 lb-ft of torque.

2015 Ford Explorer Release Date and Price

The SUV is already available for public purchase. It was released near the end of 2014. Pricing of the new Explorer is between $30,000 and $42,000.

2015, Everest

2015 Ford Everest Interior

January 28, 2015

As an SUV, the 2015 Ford Everest is one of Ford’s toughest vehicles to be released around the world. The Northern American market won’t be getting the SUV shipped to their shores. Produced in Ford’s Australian plant, that is where its first appearance will be made.

The 2015 Ford Everest will have the best off road mechanics matched with up to date innovative technological features to keep driver and passengers comfortable and entertained wherever they may go. Ford Australia has said that the new Everest will have the best equipment plus it will be a fuel efficient as its predecessors.

2015 Ford Everest front

2015 Ford Everest Powertrain

Buyers of the 2015 Ford Everest can expect to choose from three engine options. These are; the EcoBoost 2.2 litre four cylinder petrol engine – it will be mated to a six speed automatic transmission, the 2.2 litre diesel engine and the 3.2 litre diesel engine. How each engine will perform on and off road hasn’t been said by Ford Australia. But the engines will likely generate a lot of power.

2015 Ford Everest Interior and Exterior

Exterior of the 2015 Ford Everest is familiar to the Ford Ranger. It is manufactured on the same platform. No specifications on what changes or modifications the SUV have been shared with the public. However, a redesigned front grille, new head and rear lights, fog lights, spoilers, and an option of alloy wheels may be some of the major changes that the Everest sees. Design of the front suspension will be similar to the one found on the Ford Ranger. Changes that are sure to happen include a solid rear axle with coil springs, a Watts linkage will be placed in the cars leaf spring system. These changes will ensure that driving the vehicle will be relaxed. Drivers can be sure that the new Everest is an urbanized drive.

2015 Ford Everest rear

The reason that Ford has called the 2015 Ford Everest its toughest and most powerful off-road SUV is because Ford engineers had an extensive market research before the vehicle was produced. Style and comfort is what the Everest boasts about.

The inside of the 2015 Everest will come with lots of room for back seat passengers. The car will seat 7 passengers comfortably. Space is doubled for cargo when the seats are folded. Air bags (front, side, curtain), seat belts, powered front seats, heated/ventilated seats, lane departure warning, active park assist, cameras in the front and rear that have parking sensors, seat belt wearing warning alerts, are of the features that the SUV will be equipped with. Next generation vehicles come tricked with driver assist features that help the driver when travelling on the road, like, cruise control. Driver assist features help create a convenient ride on or off the road. Wind and engine noise will virtually disappear when driving the 2015 Ford Everest as it is surrounded by materials that will absorb the sound. This means that the driver and passenger don’t have to stop talking because of the noise.

2015 Ford Everest interior

2015 Ford Everest Release Date and Price

The rest of the world will follow after it has been released in Australia. Ford hasn’t said how much the vehicle will cost, but it is speculated that the cost will be around the same price as the Ford Territory or the Ford Ranger. The car will be released around the beginning of 2015 in Australia, India, Sub-Saharan Africa and South Africa.

2015, Expedition

2015 Ford Expedition Release Date

January 27, 2015

The 2015 Ford Expedition was unveiled at the beginning of 2014 at the Dallas Fort Worth auto show. It’ll have a few changes to the engine, suspension, its styling will be sophisticated and the interior will be improved. The new Expedition will come with two different body styles. One will be longer than the other and will also have an extended wheelbase. The four models that are part of the 2015 Expedition with come with both styles as options.

2015 Ford Expedition front

2015 Ford Expedition Interior ad Exterior Changes

Small changes will be made to the exterior while the interior has substantial and useful enhancements. Modifications to the exterior include remodeled head lights, fog lights with LED, a fresh grille design, new wheels, a lift gate that is redesigned, and new tailpipes are the only changes that the exterior will have.

The inside of the 2015 Ford Expedition will come with different features. What the interior comes with will completely depend on the trim level chosen by the buyer. All the SUV models will seat eight passengers. Space is what can be expected on the inside for rear passengers. The longer body style (the EL) has second and third rows that are foldable. This about doubles the space for cargo.

2015 Ford Expedition interior

Eighteen inch alloy wheels, rear parking assist, mirrors that are heated, a roof rack, cruise control, air conditioning, audio controls in the third row, a display screen that is 4.2 inches, pedals that are can be adjusted when the car is on, a MyFord infotainment system, leather upholstery, a tilt/telescoping steering wheel, and a lot more. These are the features that can be found in the 2015 Ford Expedition XLT model.

A Limited Expedition has 20 inch wheels, automatic wipers, leather upholstery, the second rows seats have a heating control, front parking sensors, and plenty more. The third and fourth trim levels, the King Ranch and the Platinum model come with the same features found in the Ford Expedition 2015 Limited model. The extras found in the King Ranch include a 2 tone special coat of paint, wood accents and a blind spot monitoring system. The Platinum trim comes standard with a sunroof.

2015 Ford Expedition Engine Preformanse

The engine that is found under the hood of the new Ford Expedition is a turbocharged 3.5 litre V6 engine that generates 365 hp and 420 lb. – ft. of torque. The engine is paired to a six speed automatic transmission with manual shifting capabilities. A rear wheel drive is standard across all four models; a four wheel drive is optional. Fuel ratings of the new Expedition depend on the wheel drive choice. A two wheel drive has a rating of 16 mpg in the city and 22 mpg on the highway. The four wheel drive is rated at 17 mpg combined.

2015 Ford Expedition rear

Packages that are available on the 2015 Ford Expedition have heated rearview mirrors, a remote ignition, a high definition radio, heated/cooled front seats, a navigation system, a sunroof, etc. a package comes as an additional cost to the buyer.

Anyone who owns the new Expedition can be guaranteed of a smooth ride wherever the road leads them.

2015 Ford Expedition Release Date

The different models that the 2015 Ford Expedition comes with are the XLT, Limited, King Ranch and the Platinum model. The price of the SUV will range from $45,000 to $60,000. The SUV was available for public purchase in the last quarter of 2014

2015, Escape

2015 Ford Escape Reviews

January 27, 2015

As Ford rolls out 2015 SUV models, the vehicles all feature a luxury and comfort that surpasses its predecessors. The 2015 Ford Escape is one such vehicle. Although the new model won’t have any major changes, it will have classy handling, an innovative design both on the interior and exterior and pretty impressive features across all trims. The SUV will come with different models and will be available as an all-wheel drive or front wheel drive.

2015 Ford Escape front

2015 Ford Escape Redesign

The 2015 Ford escape will have three models. The names of the models are S, SE and Titanium. There are a few features that come standard across all three models, while other features are added the higher you go up the trim levels.

The exterior design of the SUV matches that of the Ford Focus. The 2015 escape is set apart by its attractive looks. The platform of the Ford Focus is a very solid and versatile design. The body has a sporty feel to it. A set of two new exterior colors can be expected as well as wheels that take on a new design.

2015 Ford Escape interior

The interior is a lot more exciting than the exterior. Design of the interior of the 2015 Ford Escape is striking as it has been made with high grade quality materials. There is lots of room to be had on the inside of the 2015 Escape. Leg and head room is plentiful for all five passengers. Cargo also sits comfortably as the seats are foldable and when folded they open up 68.1 cubic feet of space.

2015 Ford Escape Engine Specs

The 2015 Ford Escape has three engine options. The first is a 2.5 litre 4 cylinder engine that produces 168 horsepower and 170 pound – feet of torque. This engine is standard on the base S model but comes optional on the SE model as a front wheel drive. Fuel rating of the 2.5 litre engine is 22 miles per gallon in the city and 31 miles per gallon on the highway. There’s also the 1.6 litre 4 cylinder turbocharged engine that produces 178 horsepower with 184 pound – feet of torque. This engine comes standard for the SE and Titanium models. When using the engine in a front wheel drive model, its fuel rating is 23 in the city and 32 on the highway. The third engine is optional on the SE and Titanium models. It is a 2.0 litre turbocharged four cylinder engine that has an output of 240 horsepower and 270 pound – feet of torque. Fuel rating is 22 in the city and 30 on the highway.

2015 Ford Escape rear

A 6 speed automatic transmission and front wheel drive are standard across all models. But the S model is available with all-wheel drive.

Some technological and driver friendly features are; a power adjustable driver’s seat, rear privacy glass, heated front seats and more.

2015 Ford Escape Release Date and Price

Its expected debut was meant to be in late 2014 or early 2015. Depending on what the buyer is looking for, the price of the 2015 Ford Escape will vary. The base model, however, will sell for around $23,000. Buyers are welcome to have extras added to their cars but they will have to pay add a couple of hundred dollars to the original price. For instance, an optional sunroof or navigation system can cost between $800 and $1500.

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