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2018 Ford GT Supercar Review

November 18, 2016

The 2018 Ford GT Supercar is expected to be Fords most expensive and the best model ever. The second generation supercar model was revealed in the 2015 North America International Auto show in Detroit. A high percentage of those in attendance admired it compared to the other vehicles.

It will have an ultra-high performance that will serve as the main technology showcase with top EcoBoost performance, lightweight carbon fiber and aluminum construction and excellent aerodynamics.

2018 Ford GT Supercar External Design:

The blue oval supercar’s general weight will be minimized. And the developers have approximated the target weight to approximately 2800 pounds.

The central tub, as well as the parts of the body, will be constructed from carbon fiber. Carbon fiber is one of the world’s strongest materials. It will enable an ultra-stiff foundation for the chassis components and create a lighter package for the improved dynamic performance as well as efficiency.

To improve aerodynamics, every slope as well as shape will be designed in a way that it minimizes drag and optimize the down force. The 2018 Ford GT Supercar will have a teardrop shape, the aircraft inspired fuselage and visibility enhanced curved windshield.

The lighter materials used in body construction will enable outstanding acceleration, improved safety, efficiency and excellent braking capabilities, but will have to be handled with improved care. The new 2018 Ford GT Supercar will feature a race-ready cockpit, two-door coupe body shell and will generally be designed with a racing style. It will indeed be an excellent car.

2018 Ford GT Supercar

It will also feature a pushrod activated suspension set up that will result in unique relative motion between the car’s body and the wheels.

2018 Ford GT Supercar Internal Design:

The interior design will also receive carbon fiber innovation. The 2018 Ford GT Supercar cabin will be narrow and the driver and their passengers will have to sit shoulder to shoulder in the seats which will also be fixed directly in the tub to promote safety. For the users to be able to access the two-seat cockpit, they will have to swing the doors up. The steering and the pedals will be adjustable.

2018 Ford GT Supercar Engine Options:

The powerful 3.5-liter twin turbo V6 EcoBoost engine will be installed. The mid-mounted engine will be able to produce approximately 650 horsepower and it will be backed by the Getrag seven-speed dual clutch transmission. The power will be transmitted to the rear wheels of the 2018 Ford GT.

In order to improve the engine’s response, it will feature a new direct port for dual fuel injection and a low friction roller/finger/follower valve train.

Fuel Economy:

The extensive use of lightweight materials in the body construction will contribute to the reduction of the general weight of the car which will eventually contribute to an improvement in fuel economy. The engine used will also improve performance and boost fuel economy.

2018 Ford GT Supercar Competition:

Main competition will come from LaFerrari, Corvette, Audi R8 and McLaren P1 models

2018 Ford GT Supercar Release Date and Price:

The 2018 Ford GT will be available in the market in late 2016 at a price of $400,000. This will actually be the most sophisticated vehicle to be created by Ford.

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