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2017 Ford Fusion Changes

May 5, 2015

Ford is all set to light up the automobile market with their latest version of Ford Fusion. A hugely successful series, this series will have its latest addition as the company announced the release of a new 2017 Ford Fusion.

2017 Ford Fusion front

2017 Ford Fusion Exterior and Interior Changes

Ford Fusion series of cars have tagged as MPV or Multiple Purpose Vehicle. 2017 Ford Fusion comes with a sport body work and design. Its outlook gives a sense of luxury and comfort. 2017 Fusion’s body line has been pulled down and done over to give a more sporty and dynamic feel to is design. A newly designed nose gives a powerful attitude to the design. It’s old Aston Martin type of grille has been done away with, and a new large rectangle shaped grille is all set to replace it which is much sportier than its predecessor. The head lamps, as well as the tail lamps, have received the touch of LED outfits. The side glass on the windows will in all probability be replaced by a larger windscreen up front.

Upholstery inside 2017 Ford Fusion will be entirely composed of high quality leather. Matte finish wood trim all around its interiors will give a more classy and expensive feeling to this car. Leather is of high quality in the sense that it is a premium, synthetic material that is very strong and will last a lifetime. Seats, which are wrapped in this leather, will be very comfortable to sit on. 2017 Fusion’s cabin is touted to be very liberal with lots of space for keeping your legs and all sorts of luggage and cargo.

2017 Ford Fusion interior

Pre-equipped in this new 2017 version of Fusion is the MyFord touch screen entertainment system with a Microsoft SYNC System. It comes with 12 speaker Sony Sound System, 100 volts  power outlet in front, HD radio, remote controlled start stop, collision warning for obstacles up ahead, cruise control, parking sensors, parking assist system and traffic alert systems.

2017 Ford Fusion Engine Specs

2017 Ford Fusion will be power by four variants of engines. Standard entry level engine for 2017 Fusion will be a 2.5 Litre Duratec engine, packing 175 brake horsepower along with 175 pound feet of torque. Its three EcoBoost variants will include a 1.6 litre option which gives 182 brake horsepower along with 184 pound-feet of torque, a 1.5 litre option which gives 178 brake horsepower along with 177 pound feet of torque, with an automatic transmission, and last but not least a 2.0 litre unit with four cylinders which can produce 240 brake horsepower along with 270 pound feet of torque.

2017 Ford Fusion rear

Rumours are that the transmission will be a nine speed automatic one, but these theories are subject to speculations with the company not confirming anything.

2017 Ford Fusion Price and Release Date

This much-anticipated car is still in testing phase and under research and development. No official date of launch of 2017 Fusion has been announced by Ford so far, although it is expected to arrive in markets by late 2016 or early 2017. Prices of 2017 Ford Fusion is being assumed to be starting around $25675.

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