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2017 Ford Focus RS MSRP

April 27, 2015

Bringing all speculations to an end, Ford Company has announced to release a new version of their hugely popular hatchback, the 2017 Ford Focus RS. More power, more features, this power hatchback is surely going to be the next thing on your mind if you are looking to buy a new hatch back anytime around 2017.

2017 Ford Focus RS front

2017 Ford Focus RS Exterior Design

Looks of this new Focus RS will not be changing much from its previous models with Ford planning to keep exterior designs intact. This model is going to have five doors, but some new additions have been made. New sets of a number of scoops and wings have been incorporated all over in its somewhat new design, which actually has a function and helps in generating a down force which pins the car to the ground and helps in lowering the temperature generated due to running. Front grille and air vents in front of the car supply as much as cool air as is needed for cooling the engine and brakes that get heated up due to operating on a heavy workload basis. A rear diffuser is also equipped in its design that helps to regulate airflow from beneath the car. Well, this sports car needs a lot of air to remain cool, and its designers have ensured that it can get all the air possible.

2017 Ford Focus RS side

Standard wheels available with this car have a diameter of 19 inches with an assortment of designs to choose from which also includes a high performance forged, lightweight wheel option. Although this is a sports car, it amazingly is not made o lightweight materials like aluminium panels or carbon fibre. Instead, its manufactures have kept using steel to build its body and structure. The array of colors variants for 2017 Ford Focus RS includes grey, white, black and blue.

2017 Ford Focus RS Interior Design

The interior inside this new Focus has received a new look altogether. A brand new steering wheel with a flat bottom design has replaced its old steering wheel. Wrapped in leather, this new steering wheel will be a joy to play with. Pedal covers made of alloy and a distinctive set of instruments complete with signature graphic increases the splendour of the interior. The centre console of this version has a set of gauges which can display everything starting from boost and pressure of the turbocharger to oil temperature and oil pressure.

2017 Ford Focus RS interior

Standard fittings like parking sensors and parking assists, satellite navigation system and multimedia system with full sync and 10 speaker Sony sound systems are also equipped with the car. Standard sports seats that are offered in Focus RS are heavily bolstered variants from Recaro brand of sports seats.

2017 Ford Focus RS Engine and Power

Powering the new 2017 Ford Focus RS is one 2.3 litre turbocharged four cylinder EcoBoost engine, transversely mounted and capable of delivering “well in excess” of 315 horsepower, as quoted by Ford. An all-wheel drive system, this beast of a hatchback can reach 0-60 in five seconds. Mated with the engine, comes a six speed manual gearbox.

2017 Ford Focus RS Release Date and MSRP

Pricing of 2017 Ford Focus RS is rumoured to be in the sub $30k region with the car hitting the market by the end of 2016.


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