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2017 Ford Fiesta Model

May 11, 2015

2017 Ford Fiesta is the future version of the current Fiesta model that is being designed keeping in mind the need for better fuel efficiency and overall performance. In addition to receiving various engine options, the upcoming Fiesta will boast of a refreshed new design accentuating the car’s elegance. Both its interior and exterior will be revamped to make it sync with modern days, as well as excel ahead of its competitors in every possible way. There are rumors that a hybrid model is also in the making, but we would need more information to accept that as a possibility.

2017 Ford Fiesta front

2017 Ford Fiesta Exterior and Interior

Due to a lack of information, we can only speculate as to how the 2017 Ford Fiesta might look. To boost its aggressive quotient, it is evident that Ford will turn to RS for inspiration. It will receive an overall aerodynamic shape, its front will get a trapezoid shaped grille that are larger than its predecessor. Its splitters and side air dams might be sculpted with carbon fiber and add to the much needed details. On its rear, it will receive a massive spoiler, as well as a redesigned bumper. Its wheels will be lighter, but offer superior grip on roads.

2017 Ford Fiesta rear

Following the course set by Ford’s RS, this vehicle should also receive race-car like interiors characterised by Recaro sports seats that combine the perfect amounts of comfort and utility to make every ride a thrill.  There will also be alloy sports pedals, flat bottom steering sheet and also a revised shifter. The centre console has an 8-inch touchscreen from where one can control a wide array of safety and multimedia tools.

Technology is galore inside the upcoming Fiesta and comes packed with features like heated seats, beverage holder, stereoscopic steering wheel, power front view mirror and navigation system. If that is not enough, it also has a CD player, AM/FM radio, MP3 player, etc. There is also word that the moon roof may be offered in higher trim variants.

2017 Ford Fiesta interior

2017 Ford Fiesta Engine Specs

Two engine options are said to be provided with the 2017 Ford Fiesta. The first one being a 1.6 litre EcoBoost unit delivering a modest horsepower of up to 120, and torque of 125 lb-ft. The second engine is a 1.0 litre turbocharged EcoBoost engine that can deliver 125 hp and 155 lb-ft of torque. A 6-speed manual transmission is expected to be mated to these engines and allow it to have fuel efficiency of 28 mpg in city streets and 35 mpg on highway drive on an average.

2017 Ford Fiesta Price and Release Date

It is still too early to talk about prices, but we expect the Fiesta RS to lead followed by 2017 Ford Fiesta. It would likely cost around $19,000 and go higher up depending on up the trim levels. We expect this car to release in the U.S. in the beginning months of 2017. More information will be revealed as we get closer to its release date. The company officials have promised to reveal more info in the upcoming months.

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