2017, Explorer

2017 Ford Explorer Release Date

April 29, 2015

2017 Ford Explorer will arrive in the market as an SUV that has the potential to dominate over all its other competitors. Having improved power to performance ratio, better aerodynamic design and technology packed interiors, this SUV promised to be a family vehicle that combines the best of today’s comfort elements and tomorrow’s futuristic technology equipments. Our spy shots captured the car being tested while lightly covered in camouflage. And from what we could deduce, it would be normal to expect some light refreshments in its exterior and rest of the modifications under the hood.

2017 Ford Explorer front

2017 Ford Explorer Engine Specs

Since the main changes are expected to arrive in its powertrain, we are hoping that 2017 Ford Explorer will give us the option to choose from various engines. The next generation of Ford Escape will come powered by an EcoBoost V6 engine that will be capable of generating a horsepower of up to an impressive 325 and torque of around 375 lb-ft. Next in line is a 2 litre turbocharged engine with 4 cylinders that will deliver a horsepower of 285 and 305 lb-ft of torque. Both these variants are likely to be paired with a 6-speed auto transmission gearbox and come on drives on front wheels and all wheel systems.

2017 Ford Explorer side

The car will shed some of its previous weight and will now ride lighter due to extensive use of aluminium based architecture. There has been no test result about fuel economy so far, but naturally we expect that this car will yield better efficiency than before.

2017 Ford Explorer Exterior and Interior Redesign

2017 Ford Explorer will have refreshed exterior design and have LED lights in both its front and rear lamps. In comparison to its current model, this vehicle will have a larger sized grille, refined air intakes and better aerodynamic capabilities to improve on handling. This car will also ride taller with the use of bigger alloy wheels that have superior grip on roads.

Inside of this vehicle is spacious and has enough room to accommodate up to 6 passengers comfortably. You could also throw in an additional amount of cargo and not have to sacrifice anything in terms of comfort. This future model is expected to get plush interiors that will contain only the finest materials money can buy. We expect leather upholstered seats, soft-to-touch materials used in covering up its interior structure and top notch air conditioning system. There is also a chance of this car getting head controlled seats for both its front and rear sections.

2017 Ford Explorer interior

Technological features are jam packed inside the 2017 Ford Explorer. It should include some of the most coveted technical enhancements of modern times. It would come fitted with a top of the line audio system, air-conditioning, rear-parking sensors and personal airbags for all passengers.

2017 Ford Explorer Release Date, Price and Competitors

The 2017 Ford Explorer is expected to come on display in the upcoming months at a Car show in North America. It should cost around $30,000 for its base version and compete with other cars like Honda Pilot and Toyota Highlander.


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