2017, C-Max

2017 Ford C-Max Solar Energy

April 24, 2015

In response to the highly competitive automotive industry that is prevailing, Ford has decided to make an entry in the form of 2017 Ford C-Max Solar Energy. This concept based hybrid vehicle is being made with the intention of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. We can naturally expect this segment to heat up further because the demand for eco-friendly vehicles is constantly raising along with increasing population levels. The general public has realised how important it is to invest in an eco-friendly vehicle and do their share for saving planet Earth. This compact sedan will have competitive fuel efficiency rates, better performance than its competitors and overall visuals that will dazzle every sight that it gets.

2017 Ford C-Max Solar Energy front

2017 Ford C-Max Solar Energy Exterior and Interior Design

Compared to its predecessor, the 2017 Ford C-Max Solar Energy will have better looking exterior characterised by a large trapezoidal grille outlined with chrome, LED lights for its front and rear end, 17 inch alloy wheels and refined new bumpers. It gets its name because on the roof, there are solar cells with Sun-tracking technology that allows the car to recharge itself through the absorption of sunlight. Although the vehicles dimensions are expected to remain same, still it gives a feel of added cabin space on its interior.

2017 Ford C-Max Solar Energy panels

This five seater vehicle is spacious enough to accommodate five passengers easily along with a hefty amount of luggage. Redesigned seats upholstered with leather give unparalleled level of comfort alongside ample space for head and legs. 2017 Ford C-Max Solar Energy, despite of being eco-friendly, does not miss out on any of its previous luxury features that made it a hit in the first place.

We do not have any information yet regarding the technological components, but expect standard features to be included. There should be a 4.2 inch LCD screen fitted on the instrument panel alongside a 8-inch touchscreen on the centre console system. MyFord Touch infotainment system is expected to make a comeback, as well as best in class safety features such as navigation, rear parking sensors, collision airbags and so on.

2017 Ford C-Max Solar Energy interior

2017 Ford C-Max Solar Energy Engine Specs

The main attributes of 2017 Ford C-Max Solar Energy is under its hood. This model will be fitted with a 2.0 litre Atkinson engine that is capable of producing 140 hp and 130 lb-ft of torque. It would include 21 solar batteries placed evenly on an area of 1.5 m2. The average capacity of these units range from 300-350 W and are able to consume much more solar energy than before. The engine will be paired with an CVT automatic transmission system and come on front-wheel drive. This car can accelerate from o to 60 mph in just 7.6 seconds while reaching the highest speed of around 85 mph.

2017 Ford C-Max Solar Energy Release Date and Price

Expect this superb eco-friendly car to become available in later months of 2016 or during the early parts of 2017. There is still room for improvement, and we believe that Ford will certainly look forward to implementing few more changes before the car is launched. 2017 Ford C-Max Solar Energy is likely to cost around $35,000.

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