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2016 Ford Transit Connect Wagon

April 16, 2015

2016 Ford Transit Connect Wagon is a van that is ideal for users who want a compact vehicle that is both economical in fuel efficiency and practical in performance. It will come in two versions to cater to two different types of accommodation needs. The first one is a short wheel base model with a total of five seats in two rows; the second one is a longer wheelbase model that can seat up to seven passengers among three rows. Both these variants are built on the same platform, and regardless of which you choose, you would be able to get the same amount of power and performance.

2016 Ford Transit Connect Wagon front

2016 Ford Transit Connect Wagon Engine Specs, Mpg

The 2016 Ford Transit Connect Wagon is a vehicle that hosts two competitive engine models. The standard one being a 2.5 liter Duratec variant that delivers an impressive horsepower of up to 170 and torque of 200 lb-ft. Second in line is a 1.6 liter EcoBoost variant that produces horsepower of 180 and 220 lb-ft of torque. The difference is that the second engine is more fuel efficient and delivers around 35 mpg on an average, while its first engine just averages around 27 mpg. Both engines are combined with a 6-speed auto transmission with an advanced shifting mode technology.

2016 Ford Transit Connect Wagon Interior and Exterior

This might be a small minivan, but the interior of 2016 Ford Transit Connect Wagon is nothing less than what one would expect from a larger family car. It has comfortable seats with great lateral support and ample space for head and legs to allow for enjoyable rides every time. There is a very capable air-conditioning system, and added cabin space to hold that extra cargo one would need to carry.

2016 Ford Transit Connect Wagon interior

Its technology features include an MP3 player along with an amazing audio system. It also has iPod connectivity with dual zone climate control for its shorter model and a triple zone system for its longer wheel based variant. There are also security features such as satellite navigation system, rear view parking sensors and airbags to protect against collisions.

2016 Ford Transit Connect Wagon rear

The car’s exterior looks rather new than a refreshed version of its older model. Its front part is characterized with Xenon lights and revised front bumpers that lend this car an aggressive stance. LED lights have made an entry to its rear end, and the final result is nothing less than spectacular. There will be two wheel options to choose from, the standard having 16 inch alloy wheels and 17 inches version for its premium trim level. There is also special bumper with black accents available if you are willing to pay a price that is more than usual.

2016 Ford Transit Connect Wagon Price and Release Date

The longer wheelbase model of 2016 Ford Transit Connect Wagon costs around $2000 higher than its shorter trim model. This is mostly because of the additional space as well as finer quality materials that have been used. Its base model costs $23,000 and is expected to launch somewhere near the end of this year.

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