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2016 Ford Territory Price

March 20, 2015

The 2016 Ford Territory will be the last version of Territory series before it gets a complete overhaul. Being in the market for more than ten years in various forms, Ford has decided to introduce various tweaks and enhancements for the 2016 model year and make it more in line to meet current demands. Apart from boasting a modified engine, there will be numerous enhancements to its exterior and interior. This seven seater SUV will peak the interest of the family van owners and car enthusiasts alike.

2016 Ford Territory front

2016 Ford Territory Exterior and Interior Design

The exterior of 2016 Ford Territory will boast of improvements only in its front part and wheels. It will receive a new grille that looks strikingly similar to 2015 Ford Mondeo along with reshaped LED equipped headlights with auto adjustment. These daytime running lights will adjust according to natural lighting conditions and function accordingly. Their wheel has also received an increase in size and now comes in 17 inches. Other parts are almost same, and aerodynamics has also been carried forward from its older version.

2016 Ford Territory side

Like the previous model, the interior of this too will come furnished with superior quality seats that offer maximum comfort in every ride. As spacious as its previous model, this car too will have ample cabin space to allow increased amount of head and legroom. There are also small compartments where one can store light weight tools to carry along on journeys. Overall, its interior visual will have elegance and luxury unlike any that we have seen on its earlier models.

Technological upgrades of 2016 Ford Territory is one aspect that we cannot go without mentioning. It would be a host to a wide range of entertainment and safety tools that will take it to a whole new level of driving experience. Some of those include dual zone auto climatic control, satellite navigation, and Bluetooth and USB ports for connectivity features. Technology wise, this car is well equipped to leave a long lasting impression.

2016 Ford Territory interior

2016 Ford Territory Engine Details and Performance

Under the hood of this vehicle, it would offer two options. The base version will come fitted with a 4 litre inline 6 petrol engine capable of delivering 266 hp and 350 lb-ft of torque. This engine is also found in Ford Falcon. The other option is a 2.7 litres V6 diesel engine that provides better fuel efficiency while delivering the same amount of power as the first unit. People who prefer to invest one time, but higher amount can opt for the second variant as it would reduce fuel costs in the long term. Both these engines of 2017 Ford Territory will be paired with a 6-speed standard auto gearbox and come on all-wheel drive system.

2016 Ford Territory Release Date and Price

2016 Ford Territory, which is the final release of the series, will likely cost somewhere in between $40,000 for the standard edition and go higher up to $65,000 for its premium trim Titanium Diesel model. We can expect this car to hit the stores at the end of 2015. We are awaiting official info regarding its availability and can say for certain once the car manufacturer reveals further details.

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