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2016 Ford Focus ST Specs

April 9, 2015

2016 Ford Focus ST is an excellent compact family car along with some great off road capabilities. It uses a direct fuel injection Ti-VCT 2.0L, inline 4 cylinder engine which is capable of producing up to 252HP power & 270lbft torque at 5500rpm & 2500rpm respectively. An interesting feature provided with this model is that it has offers a flexible choice between several fuels (flex fuel capable) including E85 (which is a mixture of 15% gasoline & 85% ethanol) and gasoline. Also, one should note that the given engine configuration has been paired with a standard manual 6 speed power transmission system. The power train uses a twin scroll with variable cam shaft timing mechanism in addition to DFI which provides a greater degree of control over fuel charge.

2016 Ford Focus ST front

2016 Ford Focus ST Safety & Security Features

2016 Ford Focus ST is very high on safety & security features – it has been fitted with a Safety Canopy system which includes appropriately arranged curtain side airbags in the 1st & 2nd rows that prevent major injuries in case of an accident. Also the rear seat features standard three point seat belts, door locks for child safety, LATCHES etc. It also has front airbags which have been arranged in a dual stage mechanism, driver’s seat knee airbag, belt reminder etc. Other security features include an advanced anti theft lock system called Securi Lock in addition to remote controlled keyless entry etc.

2016 Ford Focus ST interior

One of the best features of 2016 Ford Focus ST is that it has a state of the art electronic stability program called – Advance Track which has two components including an Anti lock Brake mechanism in addition to an electronically controlled stability control system. The system works by applying advanced physics to assess and adjust power & torque output by taking into consideration various important parameters such as road conditions & driver’s responses. This helps in increasing increased overall agility along with better control even while driving on rough terrain or at high speeds.

2016 Ford Focus ST Specs

2016 Ford Focus ST offers a maximum speed of 150 miles per hour and can effectively accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour in just 6.1 seconds. The model measures about 171.7 inches in length, 71.8 inches in width and 58.4 inches in height; it approximately weighs around 3234lbs and has a standard 104.3 inch wheel base. Next generation Ford Focus ST offers an Environmental Protection Agency measured fuel economy of 23/32 mpg on city & highway roads respectively while its average value is somewhere around 26 miles per gallon.

2016 Ford Focus ST  Exterior Features

2016 Ford Focus ST features modest redesign on its exterior which includes newly installed halogen based head lamps which have been shaped in a quad beam form. Furthermore it has a redesigned black color grille in addition to rocker moldings, powered mirrors, defroster on rear end windows, engine block heater etc.

2016 Ford Focus ST side

One should also take note of its blind spot monitoring capabilities along with its rear view camera which provides a complete picture of the car’s surroundings.

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