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2016 Ford Focus Price

February 20, 2015

Throughout 2014 it had been rumored that Ford would be releasing a Ford Focus RS super hatch; and as of December 2014 Ford confirmed its arrival. According to reputable sources the next generation of the Focus will be available in extremely limited numbers within the United States and will be an all-wheel drive vehicle; unlike the models that came before it.

2016 Ford Focus front

2016 Ford Focus Engine

Previous versions were powered by a turbocharged inline 5 that delivered 305 horsepower with the power focused to the front wheels via what Ford termed RevoKnuckle. This method was able to lower would have otherwise been shoulder dislocating torque steer. The 2016 Ford Focus will not only feature all-wheel drive; but it is said to be drawing its power from a new four cylinder 2.3 liter EcoBoost engine. This mode year of the Focus will be the only one in the line to have this engine and this is the same engine that currently provides the power for both the 2015 Mustang and the Lincoln MKC.

2016 Ford Focus side

Inside the Mustang, this 2.3 liter engine option has produced 310 horsepower and 320 pound per feet of torque. With the newly release Lincoln crossover, the engine delivers a maximum output of 285 horsepower. With both of the vehicles, a tin scroll turbo has been additionally employed. As far as the engine option’s power performance within the new Ford hatch, those specifications have yet to be released. It is quite plausible to assume that the numbers will be no wear near the levels that are produced by the Mustang application.

2016 Ford Focus Interior and Exterior Redesign

According to industry insiders, consumers can expect a version of styling that is more muscular. It is widely speculated that the Focus RS will singularly be available as a five door hatchback. The greatest change to the vehicle, according to spy photos, will be a large bar that will go across the grille that will close the gaping maw slightly. The addition of the bar could, arguably, be a plow by Ford to further camouflage the vehicle, only time will tell.

The interior of the 2016 Ford Focus is predicted to receive performance enhanced upgrades that are similar to the styling of its exterior. This entails the use of sportier seating with increased bolstering that will be able to keep consumers snug while maneuvering through corners and turns. The cabin will also play host to a steering wheel that is thick trimmed as well as a bountiful amount of color stitching and Alcantara trim.

2016 Ford Focus interior

The layout is said to be identical to that of a standard Focus, although Ford may increase the level of its standard equipment. The technology of the vehicle will include the following: Sync AppLink with Ford’s Sync and the infotainment system that is MyFord Touch. It has been confirmed that the latest 2016 Ford Focus will offer Apple CarPlay on certain members of the line. It is currently unsure if it will make the cut to be added to the all-new Focus RS hatchback.

2016 Ford Focus Release Date and Price

It is estimated that the base price for the 2016 Ford Focus will rest comfortably in the neighborhood of $37,500. The global unveiling that is slated for February 3, 2015 may bring slight adjustments to the pricing as well will the choice of trim levels and optional features.

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