2016 Ford Falcon Concept

April 9, 2015

2016 Ford Falcon is all set to make a huge comeback after its production was officially discontinued after 1970 for the North American model. It is expected date of release is sometime in November 2015 and is further speculate to rejuvenate the otherwise about to be extinct lineup. The model is known to be bestseller during its glory days when was first introduced in 1960 – it should be noted that its commercial sales far exceeded that of other  luxury sedan models offered by rival brands such as General Motors & Chrysler. It was furthermore available in a wide range of body configurations including sedan, station wagon, hardtop, delivery sedan, pickup and convertible models which featured a 2 or 4 door design.

2016 Ford Falcon front

2016 Ford Falcon Exterior

2016 Ford Falcon shares its development platform with that of the new Ford Mustang and has been provided with a characteristic honey comb shaped chrome plated mesh grille. Furthermore, it features a newly installed 18 or 19 inch alloyed aluminum rim wheels along with LED dual front end lights which have a unique yellow strip under each lamp. Other notable exterior characteristics include brand new fog lights, redesigned fender, relatively smaller exhaust vents, aerodynamic head lights etc. Its exterior dimensions measure about 211.9 inches in length, 74.7 inches in width & 59 inches in height.

2016 Ford Falcon rear

2016 Ford Falcon Engine, Mpg

2016 Ford Falcon offers a standard automatic or manual six speed power transmission system along with a highly fuel efficient power train. Its primary engine is constituted by a 5.0L, V-8 cylinder unit which is capable of generating a total of 471HP power & 420lbft torque output. An alternate configuration features a 2.0L Eco Boost inline 4 cylinder engine that has a total torque & power output of 260lbft & 240HP respectively. It should be noted that the former power train offers an average EPA measured fuel economy of about 17mpg and is able to accelerate from 0 – 62mph in about 4.9 seconds.

2016 Ford Falcon Interior Style

2016 Ford Falcon features a very classy & luxurious interior and has been fitted with premium quality leather upholstered seats. In addition to that it also offers an updated infotainment system that has been designed using the “MyFord” touch concept. The center console or dash board has been provided with a 7 inch touch screen display which houses all the controls including that of the automatic climate control system. It should be noted that next generation Ford Falcon can easily seat a total of 5 adult passengers and also features a leather upholstered steering wheel.

2016 Ford Falcon interior

2016 Ford Falcon Production & Price

2016 Falcon has made some significant changes in its exterior design & interior cabin – its newer platform has resulted in an overall reduction in curb weight to about 3500lbs. Major performance upgrades & better fuel economy due to an updated engine design has resulted in its overall price which is expected to start from $80,000. According to company executives, the upcoming generation of Ford Falcon will be the last of its kind due to the model being discontinued in Australia.

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