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2016 Ford Escort Set For Chinese Auto Market

March 10, 2015

Ford now turns their attention towards the Chinese market and plans to bring in a low-cost alternative to its Focus car going by the name of 2016 Ford Escort. This launch, however, will make way for the re-entry of the classic Escort nameplate that racked up huge sales figures back in the 80’s and 90’s. One thing is to be noted that China has a very specific taste when it comes to cars, and it is not always the glitz and glamour of the vehicles that get a hold of people’s attention.

2016 Ford Escort front

2016 Ford Escort Exterior and Interior

Much like other Ford cars like Focus or Fusion, the 2016 Ford Escort has a similar style direction that speaks volumes about the brand’s signature. It’s front is highlighted by a large grille that is precise in angles, there are also lines that start from the front and extend all the way to its back giving the body more details. LED lights also make an appearance in the front part of this vehicle and compliment the angular grille design well. The sedan is characterized by supremely gorgeous looking sheet metal and four doors that appear longer than they are due to Ford’s styling cues.

2016 Ford Escort rear

Even though Ford did not reveal the car’s interior in the Shanghai Auto Show, we can take a safe bet at speculating as what to expect regarding its interior. This compact sedan will likely boast of increased cabin space, comfortable seats and necessary infotainment tools and safety equipments to make for a joyous ride. On premium trim variants, leather maybe used to cover the seats while soft materials can be used to cover up rest of the car’s interior. Overall, we can expect a perfect blend of luxury and comfort that will keep everyone happy.

2016 Ford Escort interior

Technology enhancements will likely start from its Dashboard being fitted with a touch-screen command system that will control the safety and entertainment features that include navigation, parking sensors, a good quality audio system, Bluetooth and many more. 2016 Ford Escort is based on the idea of meeting the necessities with style, rather than over-doing something and acting pretentious.

2016 Ford Escort Under the Hood

No official information is available regarding what engine will be used to power the car, but based on Ford’s primary aim, we can expect this car to come fitted with a 2.0 litre 4-cylinder engine that produces up to 160 horsepower. There is also a possibility that an EcoBoost variant might become available with higher speed expectancy of around 270 horsepower. Needless to say, more details will become available as we approach the car’s release date. Till then, stay tuned for more information about this section.

2016 Ford Escort Price and Availability

The already crowded sedan market of China will give the 2016 Ford Escort a tough time, so we expect the company to set a price tag that is both competitive and well within the range of the general public. Expect this car to cost around $17,000, which roughly amounts to 106,000 Chinese Yuan. Further details will be revealed as we get closer to its car’s release date.

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