2016, E-Series Cutaway

2016 Ford E-Series Cutaway

April 14, 2015

2016 Ford E-Series Cutaway is one of the best-selling commercial trucks from leading American automobile firm – Ford Motor Company. The model has been around for about 25 years and is now ready to set newer standards for the commercial vehicles industry by its absolutely amazing build & quality. It also offers a better exterior design along with an improved performance & fuel efficiency than compared to the models from its previous generations. One should also note that it is speculated to be released sometime in 2016 and is hence expected to have a world class presentation at its debut event.

2016 Ford E-Series Cutaway front

2016 Ford E-Series Cutaway Trims, Power train & Fuel Economy

2016 Ford E-Series Cutaway is available in the following trim options: Platinum, Voyager Sport and XTL.

The platinum & voyager sport version has been provided with a very powerful Eco boost 3.5L, twin turbo charged V-6 cylinder engine which is able to produce about 350lbft torque & 365HP power.  Its other trims feature a standard 290HP 3.5L V-6 cylinder power train which has been paired to a six speed power transmission system.  One should also note that it has a primary four wheel drive platform in addition to an optional front wheel drive. It has an average fuel economy of 28mpg.

2016 Ford E-Series Cutaway Exterior Design

2016 Ford E-Series Cutaway features a completely redesign exterior fitted with newly installed LED lights, acoustic glass etc. Its cross sectional grille pattern is now more apparent and has been fitted a bit outwardly on the front end fascia. Also, one should note that its new sub frame motors at the entryways are known to drastically reduce vibrations and hence lower noise production. In addition to that, the acoustic glass paneling is a step towards a more sophisticated design and is present in both – wind shield and entry ways. However, it should be noted that the latter is not available on the base version but is present on higher up trims.

2016 Ford E-Series Cutaway

2016 Ford E-Series Cutaway Safety & Heavy Duty

Ford E-Series Cutaway 2016 is certified for being one of the safest trucks in the business. The model is also noted for its toughness & heightened versatility. Major safety features include anti lock braking mechanism, advanced air bags etc in addition to a sturdy “body on frame” chassis.  Its improved suspension system allows the user to maintain steer control effectively even when driving at high speeds. Its enhanced power train is highly suitable for heavy duty work; also it is available in a wide range of wheel base configurations including a 176 inch, 158 inch and a 138 inch frame.

2016 Ford E-Series Cutaway Interior

2016 Ford E-Series Cutaway features advanced controls such as the “Trailer Brake Controller” often abbreviated to TBC. This comes pre installed as a factory preset and can be used to effectively synchronize the vehicle for towing heavy loads etc. One should also note that this system offers complete compatibility with the trailer drum brakes which are controlled electronically.

2016 Ford E-Series Cutaway interior

Other interior features include an updated 12 speaker audio system, cow hide based leather upholstery, electrically heated front seats etc in addition to the giant 18 inch alloyed rim wheels.

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