2015, Troller T4

2015 Ford Troller T4 Review and Price

March 12, 2015

For those of you that greatly miss Ford’s premium off-roader Bronco, we have some good news! While it is very unlikely that Ford might decide to reincarnate the Bronco anytime soon, the automakers are offering a new vehicle in replacement going by the name of 2015 Ford Troller T4. Unveiled at the Sao Paulo Motor show in Brazil, the Troller T4 will be a vehicle built in Brazil and will replace the current T4 model in offering. This vehicle bears a striking resemblance to Jeep Wrangler and rides on 17 inch all-terrain rubber wheels to give it the extra amount of stability that is much needed.

2015 Ford Troller T4 front

2015 Ford Troller T4 Engine Details and Performance

As no specific details about its engine was made available, some sources indicate that 2015 Ford Troller T4 will come equipped with a capable Powerstroke I-5 engine that is able to produce a horsepower of up to 197 and a significant rise in torque at 347 lb-ft. Another rumor is that there might be an additional variant available with a 3.2 litre turbodiesel engine delivering 180 hp and 350 lb-ft of torque. Naturally, we can understand the later engine unit to be slightly more performance oriented. Its engines will most likely be paired with a six-speed manual transmission system and come in a drive in all its four-wheels.

2015 Ford Troller T4 Exterior and Interior Features

In one word, we can say that the 2015 Ford Troller T4 is the current generation of 2004 Bronco model as they quite bear a striking resemblance to one another. It has acquired a look that is more in sync with the modern times and features sharp lines and bold cuts over its exterior. The headlights have acquired a rounded shape, fog lights have gotten smaller and LED lights have been mounted on its rear with a spare wheel placed in between lending a much more overall appearance. It also has wide fenders, glass panes on the roof and body made of fiberglass.

2015 Ford Troller T4 rear

The vehicle’s interior will be quite similar to the Ranger’s as we could tell by looking at the dashboard and its steering wheel. We can expect a spacious cabin along with comfortable seats with ample head and legroom. While its dashboard and centre console does not boast of any high tech gadgets or infotainment utilities, it does have control for radio, climate and navigation.

2015 Ford Troller T4 interior

At the centre of the dashboard, there are two air vents and a rotary knob below from where the air conditioning system can be activated.  There is an analog instrument cluster behind its steering wheel and a 4WD system activated via a knob.

2015 Ford Troller T4 Release Date and Price

While it is unclear if Ford plans to bring this model to the United States, we can expect it to go on sale by the end of 2015 in Brazil. Since 2015 Ford Troller T4 is an SUV that is being made in Brazil, you can expect this to cost about 96,000 Brazilian reals or about $46,000 when converted to U.S. dollars, which is slightly higher than the price of its current model.

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