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2015 Ford Transit Wagon XLT Review

February 6, 2015

Thirty years ago, the wagon began to become replaced by minivans; but Ford is reversing the automotive action by offering the wagon once again to consumers. The 2015 Ford Transit Wagon XLT gives consumers a plausible alternative to minivans that have become quite stodgy. Those who work for Ford prefer to refer to the vehicle as the people moving unminivan as they contend that it moves and functions like a van, but is not.

2015 Ford Transit Wagon XLT front

The vehicle that is aimed at active consumers in the age range of 35-45 years old regardless of them having children. The unminivan is for individuals that need room to move people and packages about within conditions that are comfortable and spacious. This is the choice of those that need (or desire) the option to transport adults within all three rows of seating in great comfort. Unlike most options on the road currently, the 2015 Ford Transit Wagon XLT provide ample head and leg space regardless of where a passenger is placed.

2015 Ford Transit Wagon XLT Powertrain

Built on the same platform as the Ford Focus Sedan, the Transit Wagon offers a long wheel base in order to comfortably seat seven passengers. The vehicle has a duo of engine options, one of which is a turbocharged 1.6 liter option with a maximum output of 179 horsepower. The additional option is a non-four cylinder 2.5 liter engine with a capable maximum output of 168 horsepower. Both options are mated with a six speed automatic transmission.

2015 Ford Transit Wagon XLT rear

2015 Ford Transit Wagon XLT Design

The unminivan is brimming with features that will leave consumers wanting to drive car pool daily. Features include: 10 cup holders, sidewall grocery bag holders, stowage compartment underneath the seat of the front passenger, top storage tray located on the dash, 12 volt power outlets for the charging of electronic devices, and leather heated front seating. The rear of the vehicle is able to be equipped with either twin doors or a hatchback lid. Above the windshield, there is an overhead storage shelf that includes a cargo net.

The manually operated sliding doors provide access to the folding second/third row of seating. The rowed seating can be folded in order to add cargo space should larger items need to be transported. The fold flat second row of seating allows entry/exit to/from the third row quite simple and the insulated cabin allows passengers (regardless of their placement) to be able to hear and engage others within the vehicle.

2015 Ford Transit Wagon XLT interior

The 2015 Ford Transit Wagon XLT was originally introduced onto the automotive market as a duo seating cargo van in 2009 aimed at businesses for commercial use. Through the years, the unminivan has morphed itself into a family friendly people moving viable option for traditional consumers. The 2015 Ford Transit Wagon XLT has also won awards that include the North American Truck of the Year in 2009; and it was upon winning the award that the American automaker was questioned about constructing a non-commercial version of the vehicle.

2015 Ford Transit Wagon XLT Price

This non-wagon, unminivan vehicle is base priced within the neighborhood of $43,925. The boxy look of the Ford minivan alternative may not be appealing to all, but the ample storage and spacious cabin may begin to win many others over time.


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