2015 Ford S-Max Release Date

February 3, 2015

The 2015 Ford S-Max was first seen at the Paris Motor Show of 2014. It is a new MPV that is based on Ford’s large-car platform. The first thing that strikes you about this car is its sharp exteriors. The company has included the same sharp grille as is found on the Aston Martin. In addition, the company also offers some new engine options and many new technological features. According to Ford, this car will be as good if not better than its earlier versions. It is really entertaining people’s car.

2015 Ford S-Max front

2015 Ford S-Max Interior and Exterior

Ford has also enhanced the comfort as well as luxury levels in the 2015 Ford S-Max. The new interiors are designed to be a sanctuary where everything is power controlled. For example, there is the Easy Fold mechanism, which operates the seats in the second and third rows. To fold the seats, you only need to press a button and the rest will be taken care of by the Easy Fold mechanism. This is a first in class feature but it may not be available on the base model.

There are a number of other luxury features offered in this car including power steering column adjustment as well as multi-contour massaging seats with heating and cooling function. People sitting at the back of this car can control the ventilation without any trouble. The interiors are both versatile as well as practical. The middle seat can be folded down on its own, which means that if there are six people traveling in the car then each will have their own seat. The interiors also have a lot of leather and metal as well as glossy plastics.

2015 Ford S-Max interior

The 2015 Ford S-Max is not only loaded with features on the inside but it is also a very safe car as well. It has Glare-Free LED adaptive headlights that will adjust automatically to dampen bright lights shining at you from oncoming cars. In addition, there is also another useful feature included called the Intelligent Speed Adjust which will keep you from exceeding speed limits on the road. The Pre-Collision assist package is another important safety feature that makes this car a safer one to drive.

2015 Ford S-Max Engine Options

The petrol engine options include a 1.5-liter EcoBoost manual engine, which produces 158 bhp, and there is also the 237 bhp 2.0-liter Ecoboost automatic selection to choose from. There is also a diesel engine available in the form of the new 118 bhp 2 liter TDCi with six speed manual transmission. Thanks to its Active Thermal Management System, the car will be able to give you class-best miles per gallon and better carbon dioxide efficiency. The S-Max is also offered with a first-time four-wheel drive option.

2015 Ford S-Max rear

2015 Ford S-Max Release Date and Price

The 2015 Ford S-Max should be available on the market in the summer of this year. The company will announce prices just prior to the launch of the vehicle. The price should be more than that of the current version, which is currently pegged at about 23, 310 Pound Sterling. The 2015 Ford S-Max has also been designed to comply with China’s road tax rules. This shows that China is a very important market for the company.

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