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2015 Ford Ranchero New Truck

March 11, 2015

After an unexpected turn of events, Ford is now looking forward to bring a small sized pickup truck in the North American market. 2015 Ford Ranchero is a vehicle that will be significantly smaller than Ford F-150 and cost up to $6000 less for its base model. Its main attractions are increased fuel economy that has improved by about 24 percent, better performance and an extremely attractive redesigned exterior visual layout. This facelifted version promises to offer many other features that the market has been missing out on in the recent years.

2015 Ford Ranchero side

2015 Ford Ranchero Exterior and Modifications

The main changes in the car’s exterior are noticeable by a hexagonal grille that is simplistic in design and is completely different than any other Ranger model. The Ford Ranchero 2015 would have a unibody construction instead of the traditional body-on-frame design found on almost all pickup trucks sold in the U.S. Ford has taken to implement this system to set this vehicle apart from the others available in the market today. This is a welcome move, and we predict that it would gain a lot of attention once it’s released.

2015 Ford Ranchero Interior and Modifications

Inside the Ford Ranchero 2015, there would be comfortable quality seats along with increased cabin space to fit in some more spare tools. It would consist of a voice-activated navigation system, satellite radio and SiriusXM Traffic and Travel Link radar that would keep you updated about your destination and the current whereabouts.

2015 Ford Ranchero interior

There are other technology enhancements that include a decent quality audio system and advanced connectivity options such as Bluetooth. Based on official information, Ford is trying to make this car somewhat identical to the 1960’s version of Ranchero, which itself was a vehicle that was small but could fit in the world if you wanted to.

2015 Ford Ranchero Engine

No specific details have been made available yet, but we can expect the 2015 Ford Ranchero  to be powered by a next-gen 6.7 litre Flex Fuel V8 engine that is commonly found in other trucks like F-350, F-150 and few other heavy-duty powerhouse trucks. Ford has made no compromises as far as the engine is concerned, and they can expect to reap heavy rewards when it comes to sales figures. Being a cargo loading, off-roader, this vehicle should be able to power through most of the rough terrains that it comes across with much comfort and style. Look out for more information regarding the Powertrain later on in the future.

 2015 Ford Ranchero More News

The small truck segment is expected to heat up in the upcoming months as trucks like Toyota Tacoma, Honda Ridgeline and other GM’s midsize pickups are awaiting their release.

2015 Ford Ranchero rear

In addition to the aforementioned vehicles, the 2015 Ford Ranchero would further spark up the flame and reinvigorate the segment that had long been believed to have lost its charm. There is no official word available yet regarding the price of this product, but we are not expecting any drastic deviations than that of its competitors.

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