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2015 Ford Mustang Boss 302 Release Date

February 5, 2015

Ford has just released information related to specifications of the 2015 Ford Mustang Boss 302. The first impression is that this car is a really powerful machine. With a 4-cylinder EcoBoost, the car is able to produce more power than initially expected. In fact, it is able to produce three hundred and ten horsepower as well as torque of three hundred and twenty pound-feet.

2015 Ford Mustang Boss 302 front

The 2015 Ford Mustang Boss 302 also boasts of a spanking new chassis as well as an exciting new rear suspension – both of which are offered for the first time by the company. It also has a separate platform.

The car handles beautifully and it almost anticipates what you want when you are driving the car around a curve. And, when you ask more from the car, it is ready to give you more.

2015 Ford Mustang Boss 302 Under the Hood

The EcoBoost turbocharged 4-cylinder engine helps in building torque must faster and in addition it also has a very strong torque curve all this translates into more power and the EcoBoost really does amp things up very nicely. With the optional Performance Pack, it can produce as much as 435 horsepower, which is a big jump from what the previous model could churn out. The nice thing about this engine is that it is a lot better than a typical V6 engine and in addition the EcoBoost also gives you better fuel economy.

2015 Ford Mustang Boss 302 rear

The 2015 Ford Mustang Boss 302 is being offered with the same engine options as are available with current Mustangs. There is a 3.7-liter V6 engine as well as the 5.0-liter V8 engine – each of which has identical power ratings of three hundred and five and four hundred and twenty horsepower. Transmission options include six-speed manual and a six-speed automatic. The company is also likely to offer a 3.5-liter EocBoost V8, which can churn out four hundred horsepower.

The independent rear suspension of this car makes it easy to improve on the quality of primary ride as well as secondary ride. At the same time, the car performs very well. With the V8 engine and Performance Pack, the ride quality is sublime and when you take the car out on the track it will really push the limits giving you not just a nice ride but plenty of power as well.

2015 Ford Mustang Boss 302 Design

The car will continue to have heavy proportions though the dimensions of the exteriors will be a bit less than the previous model. The grille is upright while the headlights are pretty much the same as before. Overall, it continues to look like a pony. It has a couple of large sized vents which are placed on the front of the car’s hood and this gives you the impression that you are looking at a mustang with flared nostrils.

2015 Ford Mustang Boss 302 interior

The interiors of this cars are not entirely modern and they do retain some retro features like a couple of large sized tubular gauges. The dashboard’s upper part will have a forward cant and dual cowls.

2015 Ford Mustang Boss Release Date & Price

At present, Ford has not officially announced pricing details but the company will surely price the 2015 Ford Mustang Boss 302 at about the same price as its other Mustangs. The car will officially be released in autumn of this year.

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