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2015 Ford Ka Review

January 20, 2015

The 2015 Ford Ka is very efficient and it is also loaded with many exciting new features. This vehicle will be marketed throughout the world under the worldwide ONE FORD marketing strategy, though its main markets are South American countries as well as many countries in Asia. The first Ka concept car was displayed at the Brazilian motor show in 2013 though this car will also be sold in the UK and USA.

2015 Ford Ka front

2015 Ford Ka Design

The thing that sets the Ford Ka apart from other Ford vehicles is that this is a very cheaply priced car that is shorter than the Fiesta but it has the same wheelbase as its cousin. It is also taller than the Fiesta and just a tad wider and its interiors are also quite spacious. The high roofline has enabled designers to set the rear seats a bit further back and this makes the car comfortable and ready to accommodate up to four adults.

However, this model has a very small trunk that happens to be the smallest in its particular category. One cannot expect from a car that is so affordably priced. Even so, the car does come with assisted steering as well as an A/C unit and it also boasts of power windows. It also comes with a nice electronically controlled braking system and it has features like a hill holder and ESP.

2015 Ford Ka interior

Once you step into the 2015 Ford Ka, besides the spaciousness of the interiors you will also notice nice hard plastics. The design as well as layout of the interiors is almost the same as is available in the Fiesta. There are also as many as 21 different features that make the interiors very interesting and useful.

On the outside, the thing that strikes you about the 2015 Ford Ka is that it is high and taller than other cars in the same segment. The car is quite short and also quite wide and this makes it look a bit fat. The front fascia is nice and so too is the side profile. The only thing that makes the exterior design look bad is its rear side, which is a bit too timid.

2015 Ford Ka Engine

The nice thing about this car is that it is mechanically very sound. Its one liter three cylinder twelve valve flex fuel engine however does not come with a turbocharger. However, it does have variable valve timing and dedicated cooling for block and head. The engine is very refined and it can accelerate from zero to 62 miles per hour in fourteen seconds. It gives fuel economy of about 57 mpg.

2015 Ford Ka side

2015 Ford Ka Release Date and Price

Though Ford has not officially announced the price of this car, it will sell for a bit more than the 2014 model, which officially costs about $19,000. The 2015 Ford Ka is a five-door car that has some common features with similar offerings from Renault and Hyundai. The design of this vehicle makes it a real provocateur. It has also been designed as well as developed by the Brazilian unit of Ford and is a third generation vehicle that will be sold in the UK in late 2015.

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