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2015 Ford Focus ST Specs

February 3, 2015

The 2015 Ford Focus ST has received a facelift which caused the hot hatch to gain a design that is sharper along with an increase of the technological features housed within the cabin. As expected by fans and insiders alike, the 2015 model year version will feature a front fascia that is roughly identical to the standard model within the line. Current updates do include the following: fog lights that have been integrated quite neatly into the bumper, faux mesh inserts added to a smaller radiator grille and headlights that are angular. The latest alterations extend to the rear of the vehicle with the following: a nubile paint color (Magnetic Metallic), and tail lamps that have been reduced in size.

2015 Ford Focus ST front

2015 Ford Focus ST Engine Options

Upgrades were not made under the hood of the vehicle, which means that the 2015 ST has retained its staple four cylinder 2.0 liter EcoBoost engine that is able to deliver a maximum of 252 horsepower with 270 pound per feet of torque. The engine has been mated with a manual six speed transmission that sends power to the front wheels, which allows the 2015 Ford Focus ST to achieve an acceleration of 60 mph in slightly more than six seconds in addition to a maximum speed of 154 mph.

The European market, unlike the North American market, will have access to the Focus’ first ever turbo diesel engine. The European engine option is a four cylinder 2.0 liter that is able to generate 185 horsepower with 295 pound per feet of torque and reaches 60 mph about two second after its American counterpart that feast upon petrol only.

2015 Ford Focus ST rear

According to engineers at Ford, the 2015 Focus ST features revisions to suspension and steering in addition to an electronic stability control system that is able to deliver a more connected to the road feeling while being more responsive and solid.

2015 Ford Focus ST Specs

The interior of the ST trim level, consumers will discover an instruments panel that has been redesigned as well as a flat bottomed steering wheel that is able to clear additional legroom for the driver, and a standard rearview camera. Ford took great care to improve features of the outgoing model, such as a USB port hosted media bin that is able to charge devices twice as rapidly as predecessors.

2015 Ford Focus ST interior

The cabin of the 2015 Ford Focus ST is also able to benefit from a center stack that has been overhauled and now includes an 8.0 inch touch screen display along with a decrease in dials and buttons. Within some markets, heated seating is available as an option. The interior also boasts a dashboard that is much cleaner and drivers can revel in the following improved technologies: MyKey technology, enhance adaptive cruise control, avoidance auto braking, parking assist, rear cross traffic alert, and automatic perpendicular parking.

2015 Ford Focus ST Price

The pricing for the 2015 Ford Focus ST begins around the base of $24,370 and according to industry experts, the vehicle belongs on the short list of any enthusiast. Although the torque remains an issue in the eyes of critics, the versatility and fun to drive factor is what contributes to the perceived desire for the vehicle.

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