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2015 Ford Focus Electric Release Date

February 4, 2015

Given that it has had two years to evolve, the 2015 Ford Focus Electric now offers a range and speed of charge that is only slightly greater than its predecessor that debuted three years ago. According to industry analysts and critics, the vehicle remains a decent option in the realm of battery powered compact vehicles, but the 2015 model year version has not accumulated the raves and high reviews that it has previously.

2015 Ford Focus Electric front

2015 Ford Focus Electric Engine Options

The vehicle is powered by a 107kW electric engine which delivers an output of 143 horsepower with 184 pound per feet of torque that is sent through the vehicle’s single speed gearbox and onto the front wheels. The 2015 Ford Focus Electric is able to reach a maximum speed of 84 mph and reaches 60 mph within a practically respectable 10.1 seconds. According to the EPA, the Focus Electric will average, on a fully charged battery, 76 miles which works out to approximately 110MPGe in the city and 99 MPGe via the highway and a combined 105MPGe.

2015 Ford Focus Electric Charging Power

The 23kWh lithium ion battery pack of the vehicle is located under the rear bench seat (it does protrude slightly into the storage area of the hatchback); and the pack itself is liquid heated and cooled in order to maximize its power holding efficiency as well as its operational lifetime. When the onboard 6.6kW charger is working its hardest and the vehicle is plugged into a 240 volt rapid charging power source, the battery can be completely charged in approximately 3.6 hours (maximum). Should a fast charging option not be available and a 120 volt wall unit must be used, a complete charge will take up to 20 hours.

2015 Ford Focus Electric Charging

The Ford SmartGauge with EcoGuide is able to assist the driver with monitoring and maximizing the vehicle’s range via a combination of an analog and physical speedometer along with an LED instrument cluster that is host to a dual display. On the left side there is a configurative display that allows the Range Budget feature to be at the fingertips of the driver; while the right side hosts a mirror of the MyFord Touch functionality. The Range Budget feature estimates the range of the 2015 Ford Focus Electric based upon the top battery level at the beginning of each trip made within the vehicle. As one is driving, the onboard computer will automatically and continuously re-evaluate the data based on the driving technique that is currently in use.

2015 Ford Focus Electric interior

2015 Ford Focus Electric Release Date and Price

The pricing for the 2015 Ford Focus Electric begins $6,000 less than last year at $29,170. There are not a bevy of options for consumers to choose from and this is due on part to the fact that the base model of the line is virtually a fully loaded vehicle. One major option that is available to consumers is the addition of leather seats, and that will add $995 to the cost of the electrically powered Ford Focus.

Via its website, Ford is offering a variety rebates and incentives that can plausibly reduce the cost to a figure that is comfortably below $20,000. The EPA estimates that the latest generation of the Focus Electric will result in an average cost of $600 per year in order to keep the vehicle on the road and charged. This is, on average, $900 less than it costs to fill up the traditional version of the Focus. The first time will appear on the New York auto show

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