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2015 Ford Fiesta SE Sedan Review and Price

February 9, 2015

Since its debut onto the automotive market in 2011, the Ford Fiesta SE Sedan has been reminding people that small does not mean settle. The Fiesta line has been able to supply consumers with sporty, at times flamboyant, looks in addition to an experience behind the wheel that is quite rewarding. The small yet charming sedan is a far cry from the stereotype typically given to small vehicles. It is neither soulless, grim or an appliance adjacent box.

2015 Ford Fiesta SE Sedan front

2015 Ford Fiesta SE Sedan Engine

Last year the compact sedan received an upgrade regarding its aesthetics, therefore the 2015 alterations are limited. Also last year, the Fiesta line was joined with the three cylinder EcoBoost engine with a maximum output of 123 horsepower which was aimed at a fuel savings that gives the four cylinder options a rabid run for their money. The power train is mated, standard, with a five speed manual transmission or an optional six speed automatic that has been rated by critics as a bit clunky. With its impressive handling and steering that is smartly couple with impeccable maneuverability and more, the 2015 Ford Fiesta SE Sedan is able to provide drivers with a fuel efficient, budget conscious driving experience that is more than pleasurable.

2015 Ford Fiesta SE Sedan rear

2015 Ford Fiesta SE Sedan Design

The upgrades that have been awarded to the interior of the 2015 Ford Fiesta SE Sedan model will allow it to leave quite a hefty first impression on consumers. The cabin of the scaled down sedan has a look that is far more expensive than its actual price tag. As a standard option, MyFord Touch, which is the automaker’s advanced system for the control of navigation, audio and connectivity that is able to be accessed via a touchscreen. The system is able to lend a wondrous ambience to the vehicle as it cleans up its look slightly.

According to critics within the industry, the cabin of the Fiesta sedan features a combination of hard plastics and soft materials. The front seats are spacious as well as quite comfortable but insiders contend that the rear seating is not ideal for adult passengers due to its confining nature; even for a subcompact vehicle. The trunk space of this 2015 Ford Fiesta SE Sedan is more bountiful than many would expect especially since the rear passengers have been cheated on comfort space. Although, the tradeoff is an incredibly quiet ride, even at highway speeds.

2015 Ford Fiesta SE Sedan interior

The chassis of the vehicle boasts impeccable bump suppression as well as damping although the vehicle’s electric power steering is not the very talkative or expedient. Well before the suspension runs out of steam, the 185 series of Hancock Optimo tires give up grip and still enables a quite respectable 0.84 g on the skid pad.

2015 Ford Fiesta SE Sedan Price

In a climate where $18,000 is required for the purchase of an entry level subcompact car, the $14,000 base pricing of the 2015 Ford Fiesta SE Sedan is welcomed warmly by consumers. For an additional $995, a consumer can add the EcoBoost engine option to their dynamic hatchback. The added cost covers the Fuel Economy Package for the SE sedan, which affords the vehicle 15 inch alloy wheels and hubcaps that are aero-minded.

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