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2015 Ford Everest Interior

January 28, 2015

As an SUV, the 2015 Ford Everest is one of Ford’s toughest vehicles to be released around the world. The Northern American market won’t be getting the SUV shipped to their shores. Produced in Ford’s Australian plant, that is where its first appearance will be made.

The 2015 Ford Everest will have the best off road mechanics matched with up to date innovative technological features to keep driver and passengers comfortable and entertained wherever they may go. Ford Australia has said that the new Everest will have the best equipment plus it will be a fuel efficient as its predecessors.

2015 Ford Everest front

2015 Ford Everest Powertrain

Buyers of the 2015 Ford Everest can expect to choose from three engine options. These are; the EcoBoost 2.2 litre four cylinder petrol engine – it will be mated to a six speed automatic transmission, the 2.2 litre diesel engine and the 3.2 litre diesel engine. How each engine will perform on and off road hasn’t been said by Ford Australia. But the engines will likely generate a lot of power.

2015 Ford Everest Interior and Exterior

Exterior of the 2015 Ford Everest is familiar to the Ford Ranger. It is manufactured on the same platform. No specifications on what changes or modifications the SUV have been shared with the public. However, a redesigned front grille, new head and rear lights, fog lights, spoilers, and an option of alloy wheels may be some of the major changes that the Everest sees. Design of the front suspension will be similar to the one found on the Ford Ranger. Changes that are sure to happen include a solid rear axle with coil springs, a Watts linkage will be placed in the cars leaf spring system. These changes will ensure that driving the vehicle will be relaxed. Drivers can be sure that the new Everest is an urbanized drive.

2015 Ford Everest rear

The reason that Ford has called the 2015 Ford Everest its toughest and most powerful off-road SUV is because Ford engineers had an extensive market research before the vehicle was produced. Style and comfort is what the Everest boasts about.

The inside of the 2015 Everest will come with lots of room for back seat passengers. The car will seat 7 passengers comfortably. Space is doubled for cargo when the seats are folded. Air bags (front, side, curtain), seat belts, powered front seats, heated/ventilated seats, lane departure warning, active park assist, cameras in the front and rear that have parking sensors, seat belt wearing warning alerts, are of the features that the SUV will be equipped with. Next generation vehicles come tricked with driver assist features that help the driver when travelling on the road, like, cruise control. Driver assist features help create a convenient ride on or off the road. Wind and engine noise will virtually disappear when driving the 2015 Ford Everest as it is surrounded by materials that will absorb the sound. This means that the driver and passenger don’t have to stop talking because of the noise.

2015 Ford Everest interior

2015 Ford Everest Release Date and Price

The rest of the world will follow after it has been released in Australia. Ford hasn’t said how much the vehicle will cost, but it is speculated that the cost will be around the same price as the Ford Territory or the Ford Ranger. The car will be released around the beginning of 2015 in Australia, India, Sub-Saharan Africa and South Africa.

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