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2015 Ford Endeavour Interior

January 26, 2015

The bulky and boxy design of the Ford Endeavour has been a favourite for a lot of Ford fans around the world. The American automaker will be unleashing another 2015 model of the vehicle. Design, engine performance and interior that are of the highest quality are what have made the Endeavour so popular over the years. The 2015 Ford Endeavour will have significant upgrades to the top 3 market influencers. The SUV will also have enhancements on its off-road capabilities.

2015 Ford Endeavour front

The exterior of the 2015 Ford Endeavour

The new Endeavour will be designed in a similar way as the new Ford Ranger. The body remains virtually the same as its predecessors. The front panel has a new grille – divided into three parts – fog lights and a roofline that has a slight slope to it. Modifications will be in the lights – LED running daytime lights and rear lights, as well as a new set of rims that will be available across all 2015 Ford Endeavour models. The rear of the SUV will have a brand new spoiler that will be attached to the tailgate.

The interior of the 2015 Ford Endeavour

The outside may borrow from the Ford Fusion but the inside borrows from one of Ford’s pickup trucks, the F-150. Improvements that can be found in the new Endeavour (which also feature in the F-150) are a SYNC2 multimedia system and an eight inch touchscreen infotainment system. The multimedia system will allow enhanced integration with smartphones as well as better voice activated functions. Not a lot on information has been released about what will be found on the inside but what is known is that it’ll have an MP3 player, USB and Bluetooth connectivity, front seats that are electric and can be heated, leather upholstery, and more. Features that are expected to be available as optional on other models include; a panoramic sunroof and a navigation system that uses satellite.

2015 Ford Endeavour interior

The engine of the 2015 Ford Endeavour

There will be two engine options in the new Endeavour models. These are the same engines that were found in the previous models. The first engine is the 2.5 litre diesel engine that has an output of 140 hp and 300Nm of torque. The second engine is a 3.0 litre diesel engine that generates 170 hp with 380Nm of torque. The first engine comes standard as a front wheel drive and is mated to a five speed manual gearbox. Buyers who chose the second engine can choose between front wheel drive and all-wheel drive. It will have a five speed automatic transmission. The engine receives assistance from the wheels when travelling off-road. The wheels have a lot more grip and traction allowing the wheels to have more power to pull out the vehicle in muddy or rough terrain.

2015 Ford Endeavour rear

The 2015 Ford Endeavour’s off-road performance will be improved with the addition of a four wheel drive system that will overlook traction control, and engine torque. The 2015 Endeavour is a very affordable SUV considering the features that it will come with and when it is compared to other SUV models like the Mahindra.

2015 Ford Endeavour Release Date and Price

It is not yet known when the SUV will be officially released. But motorists should expect it around the beginning of 2015. The starting price of the 2015 Endeavour is estimated to be around $32,000.

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