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2015 Ford C-MAX Hybrid Review

January 19, 2015

The 2015 Ford C-MAX Hybrid SEL is no different from previous models of the vehicle. When matched up to the Toyota Prius both vehicles have a strong standing in various areas of the car. However, the Prius is still the best hybrid vehicle offered on the market. This could be because it was one of the first hybrid cars that were offered on the market. The 2015 Ford C-MAX Hybrid SEL comes with lots of room for passengers and responsive handling when driving. The 2015 hatchback (or wagon) has two models for environmentally friendly buyers.

2015 Ford C-MAX Hybrid rear

2015 Ford C-MAX Hybrid Engine Options

Power from the 2015 Ford C-MAX Hybrid SEL engine is distributed to the front wheels. This makes the car a front wheel drive. The engine under the hood is a 2.0 litre 4 cylinder gas engine. It generates 141 horsepower with 129 lb.-ft. torque. The engine is joined to an electric motor that gets its power from a lithium-ion battery pack. Together the electric motor and engine produce an output of 188 horsepower. Despite the Prius offering a base for an ideal Hybrid vehicle, the 2015 C-MAX Hybrid SEL is faster than the base Prius model. The Ford Hybrid SEL goes from 0 to 60 in 8.1 seconds. This is well over 2 seconds faster than the Prius. The Ford Hybrid is heavier and this is seen by the fuel rating that it has. Fuel efficiency is rated at 42 miles per gallon in the city and 37 miles per gallon on the highway.

2015 Ford C-MAX Hybrid front

Interior and exterior

The exterior 2015 C-MAX Hybrid has a similar design to the Ford Focus. The interior looks familiar to the Ford Focus or Escape. The wagon has the familiar modern grille that is found on most upgraded Ford models. Other than aerodynamic lines and window that are placed at an angle, nothing else about the exterior is different from the previous model.

The interior provides a more refreshing look than the exterior. A sporty design that is made with rich materials and is soft to the touch is what is unravelled when the doors are opened. The driver’s seat placed higher to offer maximum support and a good view of the road.

2015 Ford C-MAX Hybrid interior

Standard features that can be found in this car include alloy wheels, keyless entry, head lights that are automatic, blind spot mirrors that are integrated, climate control, a steering wheel wrapped in leather with tilt and telescoping, a back seat that folds, a voice command system that Syncs, the ability to connect to phones and the audio via Bluetooth, smartphone applications (Pandora radio), a sound system with 6 speakers and more. The 2015 SEL Hybrid hatchback is available in 3 equipment packages. Each package has different additions to the vehicle. Package options are 301A, 302A and 303A. Some of the equipment that the packages come with are rear view parking assist, improved power liftgate, leather upholstery, fronts seats that can be heated, a navigation system, front parking assist, fog lights, an HD radio that can be played with the 9 speaker audio system from Sony and plenty more.

2015 Ford C-MAX Hybrid Releaese Date and Price

The new Ford C-MAX Hybrid has a SE and SEL model. The Ford Hybrid is priced between $24,000 and $27,000.

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